Bio – Gareth Tyler

From as young as I can remember, I found myself hitting pots and pans creating rhythms wherever and whenever I could. At age 9 I finally sat down in front of my first drum kit. I was always looking for inspiration and trying to imitate my favourite drummers, from Buddy Rich to Travis Barker. By age 12, I was gigging up and down the country.

From 2003-2004 I attended Drumtech in London and was trained by some of the country’s top session drummers.

As a full-time session drummer I have played with the following artists:

  • Mr SMITH – VMF Records
  • Antony AD – VMF Records
  • Flawless
  • Nakita
  • The Superhelix – Abbot Street Studios
  • Olympic Opening Ceremony
  • Jawani Dean at The Dominion Theatre
  • The Dash (Official Drummer) – inc. Babyshambles Support 2013 & Impulse Campaign 2014 (Worldwide)
  • Christchurch Primary School Drum Tutor
  • The Dash European Tour Supporting Kitty Daisy & Lewis
  • Glastonbury 2015 with Jonny Woo
  • Glastonbury 2015 with Nostalgia
  • Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2015
  • Soho Theatre 2015 with Jonny Woo
  • and my CV continues to grow…

I have extensive experience playing live on radio and TV.

Gareth Tyler on Tour